A guide to FAT-Loss: 8 exclusive Strategies

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This is not another fad telling you What, How much and When to eat. Rather this guide challenges common misconceptions surrounding the weight-loss Fat-loss rules. This guide is for those looking to shed Fat and or improve your relation with food.

“Health is a relationship between you and your body.”

Terri Guillemets

Answer this. Would you say you are comfortable around food? Do you indulge yourself in the pleasure of eating with no regards to calorie, nutrient and others opinions? Do you eat food that you love and without having to justify your choice? Do you eat when you are hungry and stop when full?

If your answer to these questions is a NO, Worry not, you are not alone.
Let me assure you, this guide will help you fix your answer to a YES. So read on.

When I started fixing my food habits, I was always judging and putting numbers on them.
Instead of savoring food, there was a math marathon going on in my head every time I chewed. I haven’t done so much math even as a student.

“Did you use Sugar or Jaggery?” I would ask. My judgmental tone might have offended some hosts in doing so. It was frustrating. So I started to politely decline food that didn’t fit my number rules whilst concealing my judgment.

I started losing Fat as weeks passed while I continued to stick to the guidelines. I then realized that I was no more worried about numbers. And I was eating food that I love.

Also I was eating the same food as always but this time I included more vegetables (not so favorite ones) and satisfied my urge for sweets with fruits. I gave up factory made, so called healthy & natural juice for real fruits – a game changer!

So here are the guidelines.

Ignore the Numbers.

Calorie, BMI, Kgs, Pound, Inches Treating numbers and symptoms is the basis of scientific medicine, not the patient. Numbers do not necessarily tell the truth about what ails a person. Drawing conclusions about a persons health based on shape and size is misleading.

When you look at food you should see health in it, not numbers. Let your friends and family tell you about how much you have lost, once you practice these strategies.

Never follow others diet meal plan

 Be it friends, family or your favorite celebrity – their meal plan will not work for you.

Don’t Set your Mind

Avoid fooling yourself with Positive this and Negative that. Such discrimination raises boundaries and do not solve problems. Let the mind flex, flow, dance and do its thing.

How much do you know about your mind? Never mind.

Your body does not like hate, abuse and “positive” Enforcement you throw at it.
All it needs is nourishment that you love.

Losing FAT should not be a struggle.

You can do it with Food you Love and without breaking a muscle.

Do your Research. Read. Read again.

The internet is full of Food Gurus preaching their belief in one food. Eat only FAT. Eat only STARCH. Don’t eat at all, DRINK.
Never let others dictate what and how much you should eat.
It’s about what NOT to eat. Go figure.

Read about health, nutrition, food, fitness. Read about sugar, refined oils,
refined flour, bad fats, processed food and processed drink. Read about diet drinks.
Read about “no added sugar” if so where is the sweetness coming from?

Do you know all the names of sugar? There are many books on sugar,
and I happened to read “Pure, White and Deadly” by John Yudkin

The only reason that got me motivated to fix my health and change my food habit is Reading. The more I read about refined food, the more I understood about chronic illness.

100% Food

Experts debate if it’s 70% food and 30% exercise.
I disagree. It’s 100% Food + XX% whatever you fancy.

There might be exceptional cases (genetics rarely and medical conditions mostly) but I believe in nutritious food and so should you.

What’s the problem with your food? it’s a little off balance that needs simple fixing. Start by discarding unnecessary ingredients from your regular food and substitute it with essential ones. 
The word ingredients refer to foods that does not offer any nutritional value. If discarding unnecessary ingredients leaves your plate empty, you figured out the problem!

It takes time to put on FAT and again, Time, to lose FAT. Do it slow and steady. Any abrupt changes to your food is counter productive. So find a pace you are comfortable with. Keep discarding ingredients one by one and replacing it with healthy alternatives.

Over time your dinner plate will keep getting healthier and you will appreciate the diverse taste for food. Thus building a good relation with food and improving your overall wellness.

Do not make any plans at this stage, be it a special meal or fancy workouts. It’s hard to keep up and the guilt of not following the plan bears down. A negative impact on your mind is often demotivating.

A plan is useful if you want to do tons of chores at once. And we are not doing that. Stick to your regular routine for now while your appetite for healthy food grows and your metabolism improves.

You will feel the urge to move around more once you start losing enough Fat.

Wait for this magic to occur.

I suggest, give it at least 6 to 12 months to see any meaningful result. Until then do not force yourself or commit to a workout plan.

When you feel the enthusiasm to exercise, start with the best gym equipment, your body.
Always start with a 5 minute warm up exercise. And target a 30 second heart throb to begin with. 30 seconds of heart throb is a lot of work! Did you say “Tell me about it”?

If your heart’s pounding because of your spouse please don’t count that.

Jokes aside. Do simple work that will pound your heart. Sit, Stand repeat.  Walk up the stairs and down, Chase your pet, Sit on an imaginary chair, lift yourself off the ground. Use your imagination.

Once you start working out, It’s pleasure in the mind and pain in the butt which is easy to deal with. Relax, take a break and do it again.  Go slow.

FAT-loss is a marathon without a finish line.

Remember that and keep going.

It’s easier said than done and we all know that.
Since not eating is not an option, lets take that baby steps to eat right.

I am hesitant to use words like diet and weightloss. Also I have banned those words!
Since they are confusing and inappropriate. Often they don’t convey the right message.
Want to know more? Read why I banned diet, weight-loss, & superfood

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Until another post, Take care.


  1. 8 March 2023

    I wasn’t really fat, but was pudgy for most my life. I only started getting a fit body after I found a diet that suits my lifestyle—intermittent fasting. It’s not for everyone, but it is for me. Other people have succeeded through keto, vegetarian, Mediterranean, and the list goes on. What’s important is they find what works uniquely for them. Glad you covered that!

    • 8 March 2023

      Thanks for sharing Stuart. yes its important to find yourself enjoying what ever you do. How long do you go between meal when you are fasting?

      • 9 March 2023

        Used to be 16:8. Then 20:4. Then one meal a day. Now I’m experimenting with alternate day fasting (36+ hours).

  2. 10 March 2023

    That is some pro level fasting numbers! Thanks for sharing.

  3. 24 March 2023

    Letting the mind flow and not setting numbers if fabulous advice for keeping fit Vimal. I trusted my intuition long ago in this regard; walking daily, eating whatever I want in moderation and doing so for decades keeps me fit but only because I give no thought to numbers and all thought to trusting my inner guide on the fitness deal.

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