Dr. B M Hegde articles Free Download

All these articles can be found on his website www.bmhegde.com for public reading.

And Many of his talks are available on youtube and facebook too. I have made my sincere effort to compile the articles as is. There are about 19 pages as of this writing, on his website. I have grouped 3 pages of articles as one volume, hence vol 1 2 & 3, vol 4 5 & 6 and so on. Vol 1 to 17 are available for download.

Some links and illustration are missing from the original articles. Some articles might have repeating names but they are continuation to the first one. Dr BM Hegde addresses a variety of topic in his articles busting popular dogmas and encouraging the adoption of age old holistic medicines along with allopathy.

You will enjoy these articles.

Oct 2017
Thank you
Vimal Mohan

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