Is Bad Chicken Good for Health?

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Let’s say it’s the middle of the week and your day has started well, progress, progress, progress! Suddenly your stomach starts growling as you look at the clock, bam! it’s 12 o’clock. Impeccable punctuality! Keep it up! Not you, sorry. I appreciated your biological clock!


The Irresistible Non-Veg Menu

You are putting me under peer pressure; I can not take the temptation since I have already given up meat, so thanks! Anyway, you have had a delicious low-carb, high-protein meal. You are happy you return to your desk feeling a little healthier than before.

Praise thy chicken!

We do things for a reason, to serve a purpose. Take chicken, for example, The reason isn’t only because it’s a delicious food and everyone loves it, but also because chicken is supposedly a healthy food. So healthy as propagated by health experts around the world, that it’s hard to imagine a diet life without chicken. I know people whose purpose in life is chicken!

Chicken meat is also inexpensive and provides gram-for-gram more protein than red meat. No wonder many see chicken as an alternative to beef and pork. I bet you are already excited to hear so many good things about chicken. But there’s a bonus: Chicken contains the amino acid tryptophan, which has been shown to increase serotonin (the “feel good” hormone) levels in our brains. Less hunger, less stress, and happiness! This is a wonderful meal!

Speaking of great and happy meal, is then the happiest meal on the planet, honey glazed chicken with chocolate filling?

Factory made

We know for a fact that food made in a factory is probably not as healthy (preservatives, artificial colors, high heat processing, refined ingredients, etc.) as homemade (assuming healthy ingredients!). The chicken is no doubt factory-made!

Factory-farmed chickens arrive on your plate in about six weeks. For a chicken in its natural habitat, that would take at least three months to be ready to eat. Also, it would cost three times as much. Moreover, they usually have a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years!

“Originally, meat production was a by-product of egg production. Only hens that could no longer produce enough eggs were killed and sold for meat. By the mid-20th century, however, meat production had outstripped egg production as a specialized industry”. (source Britannica)

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From chick to chicken, the 6-week journey is arduous! They are pushed, prodded, and stomped. They have to sit or stand on the feces-stained floor in less than a square foot space this entire time! They are crammed into crates and have to travel for hours without food or water before they reach the point of sale.

Broiler chickens are probably the most genetically engineered animals modified for accelerated tissue growth. After all, who would not want a nice, big, soft breast on their plate? (ahem, no pun intended)

au contraire – facts we ignore!

Closing thoughts

If you have to kill the chicken yourself,
would you eat it?

Put your thoughts in the comments

I remember a story from the Internet: A patient goes to the doctor complaining of pain in his abdomen. The doctor diagnoses his condition and prescribes a long list of pills.
The patient says, “Doctor, that’s a lot of medicine, and I am worried about the side effects”! To which the doctor replies, “Have you ever worried about the side effects of your poor diet… and now you are worried about the pills?”

It’s in our nature to be offended when someone contradicts our beliefs, so much so that we merely spread a blanket over them. I do not intend to question the life choices of others, but let me gather some courage to challenge you to know what you are feeding your children!

I will see you in another post.
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