2 Hours to go?!

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Somewhere along the west coast..

A usual afternoon. Things were happening after lunch, a few stomachs were too much packed and a few moderately done, Credit goes to mother nature; the Sun God doing his magic, the humidity showing its nasty character, the salty breeze blowing from the Arabian sea! We are sitting in this fully packed narrow class room. Every eye directed towards the blackboard.

To our misfortune, it was the victory of mother earth, showing her immense gravitational pull on our eyelids! It was as easy as anything for the eyelids to come rolling down. But it would take a massive energy for one to lift it up to position. Not fair at all?!

Fate played his game this afternoon, we had a class that was scheduled to go on for two hours. Everybody would dream about a break in-between, which, did not seem if it was going to happen.

Everyone were doing their best to keep their God given camera (2 nos) Open to its widest (to a max of 40%!) all eyes keenly watching every second of time that their wrist watch was showing. Incredible! Each second took a few seconds to complete! What hell?
There was still two hours to go…

It was a lullaby called Math! Powerful to its best, better than the traditional lullaby “Aaraaro aariraro” Everyone in the class room were forced to obey “mother gravity” The lullaby was at its best, showering its blessing on each one of us. Couple of them already put to dream!

All of a sudden, there was slight commotion. Wait… what? A surprise? Was it all over? Those two long hours gone?. Every one were out of their dream-lands and slowly coming to their senses. All mind keenly concentrating on something, an attendance call!
No one would ever dare about missing it, Nah, nah.

Every corner of the room was filled with joy. Everything.. Everybody.. The Sun God, the humidity, mother gravity.. And the lullaby. All their attempts were short lived. Kudos, all that was for just an hour! Not 2 just 1, o..n..e.. only! It was indeed a huge break a dream that came true. All over! Sigh..
We planned to ditch another lullaby, And head back to the hostel.

Nostalgia: I never had the means to share this then. I guess 22 years is worth the wait!
My first blog !

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Good day!

Good day!

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