6 tricks to provoke the photographer in you.

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Hey, hope you are doing good.
Remember the saying, each person has a unique talent, no one can deny that fact. What if? I told you that you have a talent, that of a photographer! Just that you haven’t realized it! Read on and I’ll prove it.

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

– Henri Cartier-Bresson

Lets define the word to begin with. A “photographer” is someone who takes a picture. Yes that’s it! no catch. Don’t we all already have tons of photos clicked tap’d. Though the type of photographer you are, and why you do it is something that’s debatable, for the sake of this story, let’s say we are all “Point & Shoot Photographers“, a good place to start I suppose. Today, we have some of the best cameras in our pockets with all the bells and whistles, something which was unimaginable a few years ago.

Taking a picture has become just a point & shoot endeavor whilst the smart camera does all the tricks. If pointing and shooting is the only task we have at hand, let’s see how to do it right, to capture a picture that looks good every time. It’s simpler than you think and without having to utter a single photography jargon and meddling with the settings. These are the very basics for a great looking picture and that’s all you’ll need.

Trick one – Light
Use all the light you have: when there is enough light most photos turn out good. Turn ON the flash to fill shadows on the face even if its bright and sunny! When there is not much ambient light, simply avoid taking a picture.


Trick two – the background, KISS.
A picture with a simple background (no clutter) is a pleasing picture.

6 tricks to provoke the photographer in you.

Trick three – Fill the Frame Screen
Remember you paid for all those megapixels and Ultra HD stuff? use them. More pixel means bigger & better picture.

6 tricks to provoke the photographer in you.

Trick Four – Don’t center your subjects.
Image on the right looks more dynamic, no?

6 tricks to provoke the photographer in you.

Trick Five – Turn off the time stamps.
It’s unnecessary.

6 tricks to provoke the photographer in you.

Trick Six – Share a handful
& only good photos.
By sharing only a few and good photos, you are promoting yourself as a good photographer! and more importantly you value the other person’s time! That’s it!

Hurry, dig up your photo archive, pick all the best ones and see how many of these tricks are in those photos, without you ever noticing!

Now who is the photographer?

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Some of my best shots taken with point n shoot camera


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