3 Simple Ways To Feel Energetic And Achieve Your Goals

Another way of saying feeling energetic would be enthusiasm to work? After all, who doesn’t want to start their day with full energy? But to start your day with full energy demands preparation. Follow these 3 simple ways to feel energetic and achieve your everyday goals.

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Didn’t see that coming? I know. It’s disappointing. There is nothing new, right? But unfortunately, our body is nothing new either. It has been the same for millennia, demanding essential nutrition, relaxation and sound sleep. Something hard to get, thanks to the busy, technology enhanced life of processed food and social media distractions.

Healthy habits to boost energy levels may seem like a bunch of tasks one needs to practice.

While that’s partly true, a combination of a steady state of mind and a healthy body is necessary to achieve boosted energy throughout the day and to complete any task. 

Which comes first? Mind or body?
Well there never was a first here, both have to work together and don’t we all know that?

No matter how healthy one’s mind or body is, a small annoyance in the room can throw off your composure and affect your ability to work. The annoyance can be anything or anyone. So environmental influence plays a big part in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Nutrition targets  physical health.

Relaxation targets  mental health.

Sleep is a special piece of work that takes up one third of our lives.
It takes care of repair and maintenance of the body and mind.

Let’s look at each without going into much details.


Haven’t we been hearing this from kindergarten?

Why is this topic so boring?
Because we have given more importance to convenience.
We have made our choice. Right?

First thing first, a healthy body comes from healthy food. Nutrition takes priority, so make it a habit of feeding yourself a good amount of nutrients from vegetables, greens, lentils and fruits. Avoid processed food.

How to get good nutrition?

Eat 1 meal a day with lots of vegetables and greens. Add good fat.

Eat 1 meal a day with lots of fruits, you may call this a snack.

Eat 1 meal a day with enough carbohydrates from whole grains, millets and or colored rice that are hand pound. Yes there are different colors of rice.

You may wonder why I didn’t call out rice (white rice) . That’s because white rice is a simple carbohydrate and we tend to eat it a lot, specifically in South Asia. Too much white rice consumption and a sedentary lifestyle is putting us at risk of chronic illness like fatty liver and diabetes. 

If you are interested, read my blog post on how white rice is making us diabetic. 

A crucial matter to note, there are no shortcuts to health. Your body deserves healthy food to maintain health.

You did not get unhealthy all of a sudden? Nobody gets overweight or obese in 10 days? Stay away from fad diets that promise quick results. It’s never too late to start fixing your health, today is a good day, so relax.


Since we are talking about healthy habits to boost energy levels, I bet, at this point you are already thinking about what happened to all the hot selling personal and personality development items like positive mindset, self love, stress management, mindfulness, meditation & affirmation, Yoga? 

What’s the deal with relaxation? Isn’t that the last thing we do when we have accomplished goals and tasks or when there is not much to do?

Relax, let me break it down. 

Relaxation is often a overlooked concept. As mentioned earlier, we see relaxation as an activity done after a tiring task or when there is nothing else to do. This perception has to change.

You can apply relaxation at any point in the day. Relaxation is something you do in between work. Relaxation is something you do in between work (it’s no deja-vu nor a typo, I chose not to say “read that again”)

Take a break?
That essentially means to relax, whether physical or mental.

For example, you are hard at work on your arm chair and constantly squinting at your laptop? It’s time to stretch or take a brief walk.
You get the idea.

No matter the kind of task at hand, we must relax.

The idea is to briefly divert your attention to other tasks like listening to music, reading, taking a shower, and having a cup of beverage or taking a walk. 

Exercise is a great form of relaxation to the body and mind. There might be situations where mental relaxation seems difficult when problems bother you. Exercise can come in handy here. Once you tire your muscles and sit back, not only your muscles are starting to relax, the dopamine rush calms your mind as well.

It’s fascinating how the mind and body works together.

Relax every moment you can. Relax while you eat, relax while you work,
relax while you commute.

Of all the ways to relax, spending time with family & friends and cooking relaxes one to the core. These two activities are the basis of wellness and wellbeing.

As you can see, all forms of stress management are nothing but a relaxation ritual?
That brings us to the final health habit on our list, sleep. Now who doesn’t like sleeping?


Everybody loves a good sleep and the act of hitting that snooze button is a well established practice. Thanks to the high bandwidth lifestyle and its distraction, sleep seems hard to get.

Sleep is a natural state of rest and recharge for the body.

After all the body is a biochemical machine with a mind that goes through wear and tear of cells and proteins. And moreover important repair and maintenance activities happen during sleep.

The brain needs this quiet time so it can service the neurons, rewire them and fix unwanted memories. A good quality of sleep is thus inevitable for upkeep of health.

How to get some good sleep?

Good sleep comes from a satisfied state of mind.

Let me explain, when you have a good day at work you are more likely to enjoy your dinner and get good sleep.

On tough days, your failure to achieve progress on daily tasks leaves you mentally exhausted. This also affects your appetite which in turn affects your sleep.

Physical exercise can help fix your mental exhaustion while also tiring your muscles. This leads to increased appetite and a good sleep, not to forget the happy hormones like dopamine & serotonin released during exercise. These hormones are known to lighten your mood.

Keep in mind to concentrate on your exercise and not the problems churning in your mind.

When nothing else works, tire your body through exercise to get good natural sleep.


Nutrition, Relaxation and Sleep are the essential habits needed for
1. a healthy body filled with energy and
2. a steady state of mind,
the 2 main ingredients for a successful day.

How you cultivate these 3 healthy habits is a personal matter, what works for me never works for you. But the good thing is there are tons of ways to achieve nutrition, relaxation and sleep.

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Experiment and share your experience.
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