What is valuable, time or life?

What is value?

Value is a tag attached to all things scarce, scanty, sparse, limited and rare.
Whether material or immaterial, when things fall into one of these categories, it becomes valuable. What do you say is it time or life?

Then, is time limited? Is life rare?
Yes and No. Time begins once life begins.
Life unfolds continuously one species after another. It’s a show that must go on.

From a biological perspective, we are 1 day closer to death, everyday.
There is a “use by date” to keep track of. And our genius mind, with all its meaning processing power, provokes us to make something out of this little time called life.


is an episode, more specifically a personal episode which is all about oneself.
We try to make this episode as interesting or profitable as possible, often to please others.

Apparently, the more you please others, the more valuable your life becomes.

Please your parents, you are a valuable child.
Please your wife, you are a valuable husband or doesband.
Please your boss, you are a valuable employee.
Please people around you to become a valuable citizen.


doesn’t exist when there is no life to observe it.
And a life without a sense of time is lifeless.

Besides fleeting, time heals, cures and time teaches.
Time exists in the past, present and future all at the same time
and binds everything to the present.

If you value experiences and relationships, life becomes more valuable.
If you fear death, you want to make the most of life and experiences, hence time becomes valuable.
If you are healthy you value life. If you are sick, you value time.
If you are in trouble you value time. If you are happy and content you value life.
If you are young you value life. If you are old and wise you value both.

Time or Life?

It depends on one’s circumstance to put a value on either life or time.

There are 8 Billion answers that we can choose to accept or we can endlessly debate on valuing the value of time and life, and get nowhere.

So, get on with your life, find your purpose, whether it’s pleasing others or pleasing yourself. And remember to cherish and appreciate this little lifetime, while preparing to leave it behind and forever.

Good life & Good time for a Great lifetime.

I’ll see you soon in another post.
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