Something happened with my 55 inches LED TV!

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Relentless Research

It has been a few months of impatient waiting and finally the online “sale” had started. Countless hours of time spent in research on a 4K Ultra HD 55 inch LED TV. I was looking for a TV with the latest software, best value, bang for the.. to cut it short, an affordable TV with decent picture quality and nothing much to brag about.

Because no amount of technical jargon could lure me into spending a fortune on a TV that wouldn’t last a few years. I blame my engineering background for that. So finally after much consideration, I make the purchase and it gets delivered in a day. There it is! All that arduous research, anticipation and excitement right in front of me. Tangible yet feels like an illusion!

Indigenous Installation

My package arrives with no dents! That’s a great start. The stink from the carton box felt so fresh and organic! Unable to withstand it any more I quickly discard the box. Now my installation was scheduled to happen in 2 to 3 business days, at this moment I remembered the adage

“a screwdriver in the hand is worth two installation guys who promise to come tomorrow”!

One screwdriver, 4 screws, and 2 stands felt like kindergarten all over again and nothing could stop me. All goes well, and yet again I take pride in my engineering prowess. The “installation” is complete! I start meddling with the cables and the settings, installing Apps one after the other and signing in. All this while ignoring my lunch, wife, and daughter. I quench my thirst (literally and metaphorically) with a glass of water and spend the rest of the day skimming through all those 4K demos. At this point, I remember I also have a son. Anyway, he was busy poking at his tablet and ignoring me.

Experiencing Entertainment

Days go by as I enjoy watching ultra high definition content on that humongous display. Not able to tell the difference between FHD(1080p) and UHD(4K) and totally awe struck by the size of the display, I watch many of my old favorite movies, documentaries and series. None of the technical mumbo-jumbo from my research comes to mind as I gaze upon the massive screen with a sense of excitement, sometimes even when the TV is switched OFF! Isn’t that crazy or is it just me?

Whenever I visit my friends or cousins, I would look at their smaller TV and say to myself
“hA hA it’s so tiny” The enormous 55 inches display is a visual delight to look at. In comparison, it made my old 40 inches TV look so small and cute! Never imagined I would describe my TV as cute.

And then it happened

Many days and Weeks pass as I immerse myself in big screen entertainment. And slowly I start to realize something. Something so evident, so apparent, so palpable, so perceptible, so synonym, more synonym.. (sorry, I could not find synonyms that didn’t start with in, un & dis, somehow I feel “in, un, and dis” sound plagiarizing. I just wanted to sound emphatic)

All that excitement during those first few days with my big TV, slowly starting to fade away. The more I watched, the more I am getting used to it. And it’s starting to feel very normal. Like I now have a regular TV and a small cute one.
Was this bound to happen? Or is this just maya?

With no hope in sight and desperate to slow down time, helpless and clueless I watch my big 55 inches LED TV becoming smaller by the day! Sigh.

Statistics: I have used the letter 'I' in this article about 26 times! oops! I did it again and again and again! Also it's a word! 
Did you say "I know" sorry this one is on you :P

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  1. kallan krishnaraj
    28 September 2023

    Bro, you blogged about Dr. BM.Hegde. Have you written more about him? I enjoyed this humorous article on 55inch TV set very much. Ifelt the same with my 65 inch TV.

    • 28 September 2023

      Hi Krishnaraj,
      I like the information Dr Hegde shares in his videos and articles.

      No I don’t write about him, I have compiled all his articles from his website and made into a pdf ebook format.

      If you are interested I can send you the download link.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the TV article.

      Have a nice day

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