COCKROACHES.. why I like them! & the DIY recipe to kill them!

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Good day Humans!
“Avengers..” jump to the DIY Recipe section if you want to get started!
And for the rest of the folks ok with a little bit of story, keep reading.

Why I like them!

Lets start with the damages these bug’ers do, without googling statistics, I would safely assume, Health wise and other wise the damages may run into millions! Take my case, I wake up one day, get ready, eat my breakfast. I look out the window, it’s a sunny day and I decide to do the laundry. I dump my clothes in the washer, put in the powder, close the lid and push Start…. I.. push “Start”.. Sta…aa… Nothing!

Cut down to a couple of hours later, the service technician gives me his diagnosis; bunch of cockroach eggs on the main circuit-board components caused a short circuit! I had to shell out 5 Grands (in rupees of course) for a new circuit board. That’s 40% of the washing machine cost! and how much do one spend on pest control? once these chemical based solution wears out Mr. cockroach be like “I am back” for another round of termination.

Not only these pest control methods are ineffective in the long run, they smell so harsh and irritates your nostrils, a chemical hazard by themselves. Once I used “Hit” spray hoping to get rid of them and all that happened? I ran away and didn’t enter my room for a couple of days. That was my first personal encounter with a “Hit” and run case!

Say what? Right, right.. why I like them?.. Tired of pest control I looked for a safe & effective method and voila, the DIY recipe! It worked like a charm, so I shared my experience on a review website, my first blog so to say (from 9 years ago) People liked my story, 11K views not bad I guess, which is why I like them.

Presenting the DIY recipe to kill them!

  • Ingredients:
  • Boric Acid
    Yes the powder used to play Caroms!
  • wheat flour or
    general purpose flour
  • Sugar and water (or milk)
image showing baker hat with spoon and fork along with ingredient list for making cockroach bait.
Formula for cockroach killer recipe
  • Recipe:
  • mix the Boric acid powder and flour in a 50-50 ratio
  • add sugar to this mix, if you used 4 Tbsp. of boric acid use 2 Tbsp. of sugar.
  • mix well, add water in small amounts and make a dough like consistency or thick paste.

That’s it, you now have the “cockroach eliminator” formula!

Make small balls out of the thick paste and place them where you see cockroach movement. Place them in the corners, under the shelf, under the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, cabinets, wardrobes, apply it on the under side of your home appliances like mixer, grinder, microwave, fridge and washing machine.
Caution: although boric acid is less toxic to humans, it is better to keep away from children, pets and away from surfaces meant to prepare food. also please be informed that if you have geckos and lizards that feeds on cockroaches they might die too!

How does it work?
The flour and sugar are just bait to attract the roaches. It’s the Boric acid that works by messing the digestive system, which is ironic because they spread germs that cause digestive disorder in humans. Since Boric acid has no smell or repelling nature, the roaches keep coming back to eat the mixture and eventually succumb. Avenged!
Give it about 2 weeks to see the effect, cockroaches will slowly begin to vanish. It might take a few months! before they could return. Just make a fresh batch when you notice they are back.

Thank me 🙂


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